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Allowable Expenses for Limited Company - SelfTax

Our vision:

“To work more closely with our clients and grow an independent practice with the help of quality technology and quality personnel, in a modern business environment.”

Our mission:

"To empower our clients, through training, to do their regular compliance work."

We know and value the unique situation of each of our clients and take a client-based approach to all our services and advice, always putting your interests first. Our combined team of in-house programmers, Chartered Certified Accountants and tax experts have created a tax returns service that is very simple and fully secure, with full support and full compliance assistance where our clients need it.

We combine our clients' different values with modern business practice to produce a product that looks and feels different from our competitors, both by being easier to use and by being truly built around our clients' interests. To this, we add full support and a team of expert advisers who can help individuals and companies to get the most out of their tax returns.

Why choose

Selftax products are incredibly accurate and comprehensive, as well as substantially easier to use than other software. Our simple 'step by step' wizard approach empowers our clients to fill in and file their tax returns with no prior knowledge of tax or accounting. You can also file your tax return for free through, straight to HM Revenue & Customs. Our service is 100% web based, so you can access it anywhere, at any time, from any computer. We have made filling in returns in stages easier still by designing a system that lets you finish your tax return in steps rather than having to finish it in one sitting. If you have specific questions, you will find the answers to most of them in our frequently asked questions section and on our sample videos.