In addition to high quality software and tax returns advice, Selftax can help you prepare your own accounts and do your own bookkeeping with increased ease and efficiency. As our clients also find that the combination of our bookkeeping work with the production of VAT returns saves even more time, we offer a substantially discounted rate if only straightforward admin support is required, which ultimately feeds into the statutory accounts process and is overseen by one of our senior accountants.

For clients who prefer to keep their bookkeeping in-house, we will be happy to create and customise an excel spreadsheet for your accounts. Another alternative is to enter your data straight into our online accounts portal. Using this service, our accounts team can give you live support and advice as you enter your data. Not only that, but having finalised this data, it only takes our team moments to prepare management reports for you on a monthly or quarterly basis, helping you to monitor your progress against a budget, keep track of invoices and chase down trade debtors.

Statutory accounts

At the end of your tax year, we will prepare your annual statutory accounts. We can work with your own bookkeeping records or prepare fresh data from original invoices and bank statements, depending on your preferences. We will generally produce a set of draft statutory accounts for your approval within a week. This includes a calculation of your corporation tax liability. By doing all this shortly after the end of the financial year and including the corporation tax calculation, we allow you to build this payment into your cash flow model.

Financial Forecasting

The Selftax team also offer accurate financial forecasts and budgets, giving our clients all-important financial peace of mind. We can prepare monthly cash flow forecasts for you, or a five-year plan for presentation to our potential investors. Near the end of a financial year, we also often help our clients to produce budgets on a monthly, quarterly or aggregate basis. You can set up a basic account with us for free and the benefits are considerable – so why not give us a try?