Corporation Tax

Selftax specialises in highly accurate, comprehensive software to help our partners to file their taxes without the need for an accountant or any tax or accounting knowledge. We know that every business we work with is unique, so every company's tax situation is also unique. Selftax has three main advantages – we will help you to minimise your tax bill, we will help you to achieve tax compliance and we will help you manage any ongoing tax issues you have.

Our number one aim when working with every client is to provide certainty that you are managing your company tax and personal tax liabilities to suit your business needs, and to make sure you are paying the least amount of corporate and personal tax.

To help you get the best results from your tax returns, our in-house Selftax team of specialists will help you to ensure:

• you keep your tax costs to the absolute minimum
• your company explores and makes the most of all available tax relief and enhancements
• shareholder investment is enhanced through tax incentives
• tax efficient employee incentives to help secure key employees

Our service is dedicated to helping you to achieve the best possible tax situation with regards to all four of these crucial areas. We also have a wealth of expertise between our team, with full knowledge of:

• Corporation tax
• Corporate restructuring, clearances and approvals
• Tax efficient restructuring
• Employment tax
• International tax
• Tax investigations

Setting up a basic account with us is free and we could help you open up considerable gains – so why not give us a try?