Personal Tax

Selftax specialises in creating highly accurate, comprehensive software deigned to make preparing tax returns easy and to help all our clients to get their full entitlement of tax refunds. Our approach is centred around our clients' interests and we work hard to design our product around these needs. The result is a simple, secure personal tax preparation software product with full support. We offer our clients full compliance assistance wherever it is needed, as well as an online filing service with free online technical support.

Our mission is to empower our clients to a point of doing their regular compliance work, and we have put a lot of energy into designing our software to be as easy to use as possible. Our personal tax compliance software is the product of a combined effort from our exceptional team of expert in-house programmers, Chartered Certified Accountants and tax experts which you will find exceptionally easy to use. The result is software that looks and feels different from our competitors.

With our product, you can become your own accountant. The basis of our software is an incredibly simple 'step by step' wizard format anybody can use our system, regardless of whether they have any previous tax or accounting knowledge. Where there is anything you are unsure of, our online software support team will be on hand to help. With the help of our tax and accounting experts, you will be able to file your tax returns, send them to HMRC for free and get your full entitlement of tax refund without any need for an accountant. The benefits are considerable and setting up an account with us is free – so why not give us a try?