CIS (Construction Industry Scheme)

Under this scheme, contractors must calculate CIS tax deductions from their respective sub contractors and pay the amount due to HMRC. Once the CIS tax return has been submitted by the subcontractor at the tax year end, nearly all of their tax is considered paid off.

The normal CIS tax deduction rate is 20% - if you’re a CIS contractor, chances are you have overpaid your tax and may be eligible for a tax rebate.

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All self employed individuals working in the UK construction industry must complete and submit their self assessment tax return to HMRC by January 31, once the tax year has ended.

The CIS tax return consolidates your income and expenditure for the given tax year, and also includes the tax deducted from your salary by the primary contractor. You are given credit for the tax paid and may even be entitled to a CIS tax refund.

If you are indeed entitled to a tax refund, you must have a claim submitted to the HMRC. You can certainly do this yourself; however, getting your head around tax legislation can be very cumbersome and time consuming, to say the least. Add to this all the paperwork that needs to be filled and the evidence which must be submitted to HMRC.

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