All company directors are required to formally let HMRC know about their respective annual salaries as well as dividends through a self assessment tax return, which must be filed yearly.

Use our simply and user-friendly software to submit your director tax return yourself online for just £11.99. However, if you need assistance how director tax return to file, our in-depth assisted tax filing service is just a few clicks away.

We have extensive experience working with company directors of some of the smallest to some of the largest, most well-known companies in the UK. However, our accountants focus on individual directors rather than entire companies, so that they can afford the time and resources to oversee every little detail.

Once we have discussed your tax affairs in detail, we will let you know in a transparent manner so as to what you are entitled to claiming, as a company director.

We will designate a qualified accountant who will ensure that your tax return is filed properly with all the required information, leaving no detail out and giving you complete security, safe in the knowledge that your tax return is filed as per HMRC’s standard procedure.

Rest assured, we will take care of the entire process, right down to filing and submitting your tax return online to HMRC. At Selftax, your tax filing is made as simple as possible, leaving no room for any doubt or error.