Running your payroll efficiently can be a cumbersome and time consuming task. However, by relying on our accountants, you can conveniently gear more of your efforts toward efficiently running your business. At Selftax, we offer a bespoke payroll service to help you stay compliant with the current legislation.

You may not know this but organisations that manage payroll in–house end up spending nearly 20% more on employee administrative functions than those that outsource it.

Trusted and Reliable Payroll Service

With over __ years‘ experience helping businesses run their payroll through our in–house HMRC-recognised software, we have helped businesses all over the UK run their payroll effectively, ensuring that they are always a step ahead of legislation.

At Selftax, our comprehensive payroll service can help you remain complaint by:

  • Offering a dedicated payroll accreditation scheme
  • Supplying digital or printed payroll payslips
  • Offering the latest knowhow on current and upcoming payroll legislation
  • Using only HMRC-approved software
  • Working closely with The Pensions Regulator and HMRC to ensure 100% payroll accuracy

Furthermore, our qualified payroll accountants will handle all your employee queries and offer a bespoke service tailored around your business needs. At Selftax, we never take a sick day and offer a dedicated Account Manager to help you stay on top of all payroll matters.

We are also BACS accredited and RTI–compliant – you can have complete peace of mind that your payroll calculations are in the hands of seasoned payroll experts.

Why Choose Selftax as Your Payroll Solution Provider?

At Selftax, our accountants are 100% dedicated to helping you run your payroll services reliably, smoothly and efficiently, all throughout the year.

From multi-currency deposits and tax remittances to everyday calculations and maintaining compliance in all operational areas, our accountants are knowledgeable, friendly and easy to work with. They will provide you with in-depth expertise which revolves around tailored payroll solutions.

Irrespective of your business operational scope or industry, we offer an error–free payroll solution so that you and your employees can enjoy complete peace of mind, and focus on more important matters.

Our unique payroll services always put your people first, above everything else. We understand that choosing a payroll provider is a decision that truly puts the people behind your business objectives. The forward-looking payroll system at Selftax is structured to help you better accomplish your business goals in a broad sense. For instance, some of these goals may include:

  • Supporting and improving employee retention and satisfaction levels
  • Integrating a thorough payroll system with your HR protocol to create a unified and consolidated view of each employee; this can help guide strategic talent and business decisions
  • Scaling payroll services according to spikes in business growth and expansion

The extensive payroll solutions at Selftax have been developed to support your business at each respective stage of the employee lifecycle – from regular compliance updates to digitising processes and reporting.

We are your go–to payroll solutions provider with local expertise focused on every industry and business type. We are also 100% GDPR compliant and up to speed on the unique legislation in your sector. Contact us today to avail our payroll services or write to us at, should you have any questions or concerns.