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Easy to fill in
- MICHELLE O'CONNOR 5 1 week ago
It's nice to know that if you have any problems or questions, that there is always someone who you can chat with online during the tax return submission. I have been using your services for 4 years now and I am very pleased with the service. Will be back next year.
- Steven Claydon 5 1 week ago
Submitted my tax return simply and easily for a third year in a row. Thank you!
- Sarah Uminski 5 6 days ago
Excellent software. This is the third year that I have used the software and it is very simple and intuitive. Will use again next year !
- Tim Day 5 1 week ago
satisfied with process
- VIVIAN OWINO 4 5 days ago
Happy with process and approach. lots of helpful videos and information too.
- James Chemirmir 4 5 days ago
an error code was indicated (see below) but it was not easy to find and correct, other wise no issues. I could not change the smiley face either. I would have selected satisfied. o Error Code : 4065 o Message : Invalid content found at element 'IncomeBeforeTax' o Location : /SA106[1]/OverseasSavings[1]/IncomeSource[1]/IncomeBeforeTax[1]
- Robert Crowther 5 5 days ago
super fast
- alexandra ryland 5 5 days ago
Straight forward and easy to use.
- Andrew McNaughtan 5 6 days ago
Never an easy process, but this all went very smoothly
- Richard Thorpe 5 6 days ago
ok thank you
- phanomsri webb 4 6 days ago
Very smooth and easy process
- Anthony Ezewuzie 5 6 days ago
- Andrew Charles Hitchinson 5 6 days ago
- Michael Reed 5 1 week ago
- IVAN JERMAN 5 1 week ago
- Tim Waller 4 1 week ago
Your support chat system was great and Sam was very helpful in resolving my issues.
- Sarah Grigson 5 1 week ago
Makes the current paper and online Jersey tax return look prehistoric
- Nicholas Bone 5 1 week ago
Sam on the support line was very helpful when I had problems with Paypal logins
- Amy Henstock 5 1 week ago
One small improvement that would have made it more straightforward for me is once you're on the Tax Calculation end page, there could be a note of some kind indicating that once satisfied in order to move forward you should advance to the Pay Now bit.
- Claire Rastogi 5 1 week ago
happy with service
- Yolanta Sanders 5 1 week ago
- Zheng Liu 5 1 week ago
Thank you for your help and support. This has been a great service.
- Jonathan Bailey 5 1 week ago
- Anna Zielinska 4 1 week ago
Quick and easy to make my tax submission using this service.
- Alison Lyons 5 1 week ago

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easy thanks
- paul seward 5 5 days ago
this web site is very helpfull and will defo use in the future
- Jason Garbett 5 5 days ago
Very Satisfied
- Alan Dodkin 5 5 days ago
Simple, value for money, easy to use. Especially appreciate the automatic check for errors.
- Conor Reed 5 5 days ago
- Kerry Johnston 5 6 days ago
Easy to do thanks
- William LeStrange 5 1 week ago
Surprisingly smooth and painless experience. Improving every year too.
- Andrew Taylor 5 1 week ago
nice and simple
- James Rubio 5 1 week ago
A quick and efficient way of filling in the tax return
- Eileen Green 5 1 week ago
- Bubba Bibs 5 1 week ago
simple and straightforward.
- Becky Keely 5 1 week ago
Selftax is a simple and convenient way of submitting tax returns, also one of the least expensive!
- Ian May 4 1 week ago
quick and easy
- Michael Mushota 5 1 week ago
very quick and easy to follow
- Allison Flaherty 5 1 week ago
easy to follow
Found this easy to use.
- Clare Winstone 5 1 week ago
A few questions are not very clear but overall quite satisfactory
- Ruth Smith 4 1 week ago
- Patrick Clarke 5 1 week ago
- Intermarkets Transatlantic Partnerships 5 2 weeks ago
Could do with some better notes to help get past the jargon and HMRC waffle.
- Joseph Stone 3 2 weeks ago
Yep Not bad. Luckily I had completed a paper version otherwise the numbering-navigation might have been tricky
- Sherrie Atkins 4 2 weeks ago
- Grace West 5 2 weeks ago
Very good this year! I managed this all by myself for the first time. Thank you
- Dorothy Pickett 5 2 weeks ago
The online support is a useful tool. Thank you
- Nygarie Bartlett 4 2 weeks ago
Satisfied with the service
- Tipsuda Baruah 4