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Hello Selftax, I am very satisfied with your service! I had a problem and I emailed yesterday and was sent a reply within a couple of hours with exactly the information I needed. Plus which it's extremely good value. I think this is the third year I have used your service and I will continue to use it again. With many thanks and warm regards, Elise Mori
- Elise Mori 5 2 months ago
Easy to fill in
- MICHELLE O'CONNOR 5 1 year ago
It's nice to know that if you have any problems or questions, that there is always someone who you can chat with online during the tax return submission. I have been using your services for 4 years now and I am very pleased with the service. Will be back next year.
- Steven Claydon 5 1 year ago
I am very impressed with the service provided. Sam was really helpful on the live chat in dealing with my queries quickly, as was the consultant Shah who checked over my tax return and gave me advice on how best to fill it in. All in all, the level of service was excellent and I will be using self-tax in future years.
- Andrew Ward 5 1 month ago
About as well organised as the process could be and relatively easy to use considering the complexity of the UK tax system
- Nicholas Bone 5 1 month ago
This was my first tax return and seemed as straightforward as I could have hoped.
- James North 5 1 month ago
Simple navigation, easy to follow with useful notes if you get stuck! Excellent product!!
- Tan Giang 5 1 month ago
This used to cost me £100 and a two hour round trip to the accountant
- Aran Shawcross 5 6 months ago
About as smooth as a process like this could be.
- Ben Parry 5 1 month ago
Everything well explained and easy to follow
- Bruno Calzetta Larrieu 5 1 month ago
I had some queries the first time I submitted the form. I emailed your info address and Kaz was excellent in advising me. He replied promptly even though this is a very busy time of year. I was impressed at this high level of support even though the fees which you charge are minimal. Thank you!
- Rachel Green 5 1 year ago
Submitted my tax return simply and easily for a third year in a row. Thank you!
- Sarah Uminski 5 1 year ago
Excellent software. This is the third year that I have used the software and it is very simple and intuitive. Will use again next year !
- Tim Day 5 1 year ago
A quick and reliable way to fill in tax returns when abroad.
- Colm McDermott 5 1 year ago
Living abroad, it was not easy getting the activation code for on-line submission, but we got there in the end.
- Kirsten Fien 4 1 week ago
- Craig Jones 4 1 week ago
- Craig Jones 4 1 week ago
Very good
- Marcelle Senore-Bullock 5 2 weeks ago
- Anthony Ray 5 2 weeks ago
Excellent, quick and easy.
- Joanna Ashmead 5 2 weeks ago
seems okay, pretty easy to use.
- Gareth Jones 5 2 weeks ago
- Rupal Teraiya 5 2 weeks ago
It was marvelous.
- Amber Donebauer 5 2 weeks ago
Very helpful process
- John Goodrich 5 2 weeks ago
- Annabel Morley 4 2 weeks ago

SA800 feeds

All seemed to work smoothly. I could enter the data I wanted to and the submission process worked well.
- Christopher Nurden 5 1 month ago
I found the whole process really quick and simple. Entire return and submission all completed within ten minutes. Very happy customer.
- marvin dickinson 5 7 months ago
Easy to use
- Deborah Edwards 5 1 week ago
- Nygarie Bartlett 5 1 week ago
- Colin Hughes 5 1 week ago
- Gwenno Wyn 5 2 weeks ago
Easy to use. Would highly recommend. Thank you.
- Abena Aboagye-Heming 5 2 weeks ago
- Lynsey Caizley 4 2 weeks ago
Very easy and simple to use
- Isobel Anderson 5 2 weeks ago
all went very smoothly
- barbara marek 5 2 weeks ago
Very easy to use. Good value.
- Vilma Petrova 5 2 weeks ago
Smooth experience, thank you
- Paolo Nuti 5 2 weeks ago
This was easier than I thought. The form was exact copy of the paper form which is vital and good. Thanks
- Andrea Hodgkinson 5 2 weeks ago
Very easy to use the site - have used it several times now
- Ashleigh Hitz 5 2 weeks ago
verry efficient service
- Dave Graham 5 2 weeks ago
chat helped a lot
- Lisa Westerhout 4 2 weeks ago
User friendly
- Harun Esakjee 5 2 weeks ago
All good
- Dionne Atkinson 4 2 weeks ago
Thank You Selftax
- Janet Knight 5
a little bit confused ,but overall fine
- Michal Jelonkiewicz 4
Thank you. problem free
- Tammy Storey 5
very straightforward
- Elizabeth Lamont 5
relatively clear to understand
- Joyce Mowbray 4
Very quick and easy to use this service, well worth the very modest £9.99 fee!
- Richard Demers 5
- Cyrena Rice 5